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Flow Measurement and Control

Monitoring and controlling the flow in a process plant is critical for ensuring safe operations, maintaining optimal conditions, reducing deviations and maximising system performance.

Flow measurement devices offer precise and optimum control of process control variables. Easily integrated into many standard systems and can be coupled with a variety of control units providing a solution that is  efficient and straight forward.



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Instruments for Flow Measurement & Control

OM Oval Gear meter

Medium Capacity Oval Gear Flow Meters

Oval gear flow meters in the FLOMEC medium capacity OM-series are suitable for the accurate measurement of a broad range of clean industrial liquids.

Common applications include the dispensing or bulk transfer of lubricating oils and greases, diesel fuel, petrol, biofuels, kerosene, solvents, resins and adhesives.

QM40 Mechanical Flow Meter

Mechanical Oval Gear Flow Meters

The FLOMEC QM40 fuel meter is a reliable and precise oval gear meter designed to handle tough conditions. Featuring a friction-less mag drive with no seals and no internal leaks improving the lifespan and accuracy.

Compatible fluids include diesel fuel, petrol, biodiesel blends, kerosene and jet A-1.

01A Series Diesel Flow Meter

Turbine Flow Meter

Designed for a variety of fuel applications, the FLOMEC 01A diesel flow meter is a lightweight, precise, and reliable turbine meter. Durable in demanding situations featuring a digital display, aluminium housing, sealed electrical circuitry, and a rubber bumper.

Common applications include fuel transfer and equipment refuelling.

G2 Series Brewery Meters

The FLOMEC G2 brewery flowmeter is a cost-effective and accurate flow meter providing reliable flow measurements in brewery operations. Compact and lightweight meter that is easy to install and maintain suitable for small and large operations.

Applications include brewing processes, food & beverage processing, blending, water, batching and plant process water.

Flow Meter Display

The FLOMEC RT14 rate totaliser is an advanced local display that displays flow rate and total volume from Flomec flow meters. Battery powered with a lifespan of 5 years.

EB11 Batch Controller

Batch Controller

The FLOMEC EB11 “EasyBatch” is a dual-stage batch controller for efficient and precise dispensing. It can be mounted directly onto a FLOMEC® flow meter or remotely. 

Common applications include commercial baking, food processing, brewing and water treatment.