Fluid & Instrumentation

Fluid & Instrumentation

Liquid flow measurement and transfer is more than just a routine activity; it’s a crucial component that determines success in many businesses. Profit or loss can be determined by the accuracy with which measurements are made, the selection of suitable pumps, and the effective management of the flow of costly and vital fluids such as water, chemicals, fuels, oils, and other mediums.

Fluid Control & Instrumentation for your Industry

Fluids are frequently used in industries for a variety of tasks, including cleaning, lubricating, cooling, and chemical reactions. By ensuring that fluids are available, of high quality, and distributed appropriately, effective fluid management maximises the efficiency of machinery and equipment. Furthermore, fluid management is essential to preserving operational effectiveness since it reduces downtime caused by problems with fluids, such as leaks, contamination, or insufficient flow.

Flow Agriculture

Agriculture & Farming

Tractors, harvesters, pumps, generators, and other types of machinery and equipment used in agricultural activities all require fuel to operate. These machines’ constant fuel supply is guaranteed by a dependable and effective fueling system, allowing for seamless and uninterrupted operations.

Flow Mining


Due to the size and power requirements of the equipment, mining operations frequently involve significant fuel consumption. Mining operations can become more profitable overall by minimising waste and cutting operational expenses through the use of appropriate fuel management techniques.

Flow Food & Beverage

Food & Beverages

Improving fluid flow, temperature, pressure, and distribution helps reduce waste, increase productivity, and improve processing stages. Efficient fluid management methods, like accurate metering and control, assist lower manufacturing costs and time while achieving consistent product quality.

Flow Construction


A consistent and dependable fuel supply is guaranteed by fluid management for the operation of construction machinery. On building sites, this reduces downtime and increases productivity. Reducing expenses and enhancing profitability, an effective fuelling system also aids in optimising and controlling fuel use.

How to Buy

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Our Products: Solutions for Every Need

The smallest measurement variation can have a big impact because new products and systems need extremely accurate flow measuring devices. JSG offers a wide selection of diaphragm pumps and flow meters from top global manufacturers recognised in numerous industries. Investing in the appropriate flow meter and diaphragm pump for the job at hand is ensured by combining our expertise and experience with those of our suppliers.

Connectors Couplers for Fluid Management


The Spectrix Flush Face connectors in the FloMAX line allow for safe and leak-proof connections between components that convey fluids, protecting the system’s integrity and avoiding expensive leaks or contamination. One special feature of the grease coupling is its simplicity of connection and disconnection when the system is under pressure.

Fuel Nozzle Diesel Nozzle

Fuel Nozzles

FloMAX fuel nozzles hold significant importance in industrial fluid management, specifically in the context of fuelling systems. They serve as the interface between the fuel supply and the receiving equipment or vehicle.

Fuel Receivers Diesel

Fuel Receivers

FloMAX fuel receivers are designed to safely contain and store the fuel until it is needed for use in equipment or vehicles. They help maintain a steady fuel supply, ensuring uninterrupted operations and minimising downtime.

Standard Fuel Vents

Pressurised Fuel Vents

The pressure inside fuel tanks is controlled by FloMAX pressured fuel valves, which let extra pressure out while keeping the internal pressure at the proper level. This ensures ideal fuel flow and performance while assisting in avoiding possible tank damage or distortion.


Non-Pressure Systems

FloMAX all in one non-pressure re-fuelling system is designed to eliminate the need to pressure fuel tanks or use splash filling techniques. The compact design allow filling and venting to take place from the same single tank opening.

Flomax accessories


FloMAX offer a unique range of accessories that help improve the installation process, reduce installation and operating costs or ease the day to day operations of the equipment whilst being used in the field.

Heavy Duty Hose Reel

Heavy Duty Hose Reels

Designed to withstand challenging working conditions, dangerous procedures, and rough handling all at once. These demanding applications are usually related to remote workshops, site service trucks, and mining operations.

Appropriate for uses involving engine oils, lubricant transfers, waste fluids, diesel fuel, water, and air.

COBRA Manual Rewind Reels

Industrial Hose Reels

Designed to be an engineered solution for specific maintenance and repair applications in automotive workshops, manufacturing plants and maintenance areas.

Suitable for applications that may include: Oils, waste fluids, diesel fuel, AdBlue, cold and hot water, air, grease.

FAICOM Twin Hose Reels

Speciality Hose Reels

Bespoke hose reels available for non-typical fluid transfer applications. Hose reels for many unique applications maintaining the same quality and value as the wider hose reel range.

Suitable for applications that may include; Welding applications (screen cable reels / dual hose welding reels) and twin hose hydraulic reels.

Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Air Operated Pumps

Air diaphragm pumps made by All-flo Pumps & Equipment are reliable because they are performance-engineered and built to work in harsh environments.

OM Oval Gear meter

Medium Capacity Oval Gear Flow Meters

Oval gear flow meters in the FLOMEC medium capacity OM-series are suitable for the accurate measurement of a broad range of clean industrial liquids.

Common applications include the dispensing or bulk transfer of lubricating oils and greases, diesel fuel, petrol, biofuels, kerosene, solvents, resins and adhesives.

QM40 Mechanical Flow Meter

Mechanical Oval Gear Flow Meters

The FLOMEC QM40 fuel meter is a reliable and precise oval gear meter designed to handle tough conditions. Featuring a friction-less mag drive with no seals and no internal leaks improving the lifespan and accuracy.

Compatible fluids include diesel fuel, petrol, biodiesel blends, kerosene and jet A-1.

01A Series Diesel Flow Meter

Turbine Flow Meter

Designed for a variety of fuel applications, the FLOMEC 01A diesel flow meter is a lightweight, precise, and reliable turbine meter. Durable in demanding situations featuring a digital display, aluminium housing, sealed electrical circuitry, and a rubber bumper.

Common applications include fuel transfer and equipment refuelling.

G2 Series Brewery Meters

The FLOMEC G2 brewery flowmeter is a cost-effective and accurate flow meter providing reliable flow measurements in brewery operations. Compact and lightweight meter that is easy to install and maintain suitable for small and large operations.

Applications include brewing processes, food & beverage processing, blending, water, batching and plant process water.

Flow Meter Display

The FLOMEC RT14 rate totaliser is an advanced local display that displays flow rate and total volume from Flomec flow meters. Battery powered with a lifespan of 5 years.

EB11 Batch Controller

Batch Controller

The FLOMEC EB11 “EasyBatch” is a dual-stage batch controller for efficient and precise dispensing. It can be mounted directly onto a FLOMEC® flow meter or remotely. 

Common applications include commercial baking, food processing, brewing and water treatment.



The safety and effectiveness of plant equipment, refueling is of utmost importance. The ecology, serviceability, and dependability have all been considered in the design of the Flomax fuel nozzle line. designed with ergonomics in mind.

Thanks to a special back pressure shut off system, the innovative mechanical shut-off design makes sure that no fuel leaks into the environment. The industry-standard 1 ½” fuel receivers typically seen in the industry today are fully compatible with the Flomax fuel nozzles.

Lubrication Systems

Machine reliability is greatly impacted by lubrication. To help you achieve the highest levels of machine efficiency, safety, and dependability, we offer solutions.

Fire Suppression

A major risk in industrial environments is fire. To meet your needs, we provide a variety of fire suppression systems.

Fluid & Instrumentation

Instrumentation enables better management & control of processes. We provide a selection of options for precise fluid measurement and transfer with minimal downtime.