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Volvo A40G Articulated Hauler


Singapore’s construction industry is not only well-established and robust but also plays a crucial role in the country’s economic development. For suppliers to remain competitive in this industry, it is essential to offer additional value through services and products. This goes hand in hand with the industries reliance on specialised equipment, where investing in high-quality, well-maintained machinery is critical to enhancing productivity and achieving project outcomes.

Within this sector, haulers are indispensable for transporting large volumes of materials across rough and uneven terrain on construction sites. The industry demands that these machines operate seamlessly to ensure projects remain on track. Given the inherent hazards present on construction sites, safety is a constant concern. Maintaining a strong safety culture is essential for all.


Volvo Singapore required the installation of an automatic lubrication system on their A40G Articulated Haulers, seeking a cost-effective and robust solution with on-site installation support.


JSG Industrial swiftly addressed the challenge by providing a comprehensive solution. As a supplier of automatic lubrication systems with added installation support, our team offered a unique advantage. We not only delivered a high-quality SKF Lincoln Automatic Lubrication Systems but also ensured a seamless transition through on-site installation support, minimizing disruption to the end user’s operations. ​

The integration of JSG High Chief Hydraulic Pumps and Lincoln SL-1 injectors resulted in a streamlined and efficient lubrication system, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and operational efficiency.


JSG High Chief Hydraulic Pumps: ​

  • Adjustable outputs for diverse systems, ensuring optimal lubrication efficiency. ​
  • Tamper-resistant design with integrated valving and solid-state circuitry. ​
  • No additional controls required for operation, minimizing complexity. ​
  • Modular construction for cost-effective maintenance. ​
  • Designed to transfer NLGI2 grease at a rate of 132cm2/minute, optimizing performance. ​

SKF Lincoln SL-1 Injector: ​

  • Specifically designed for enhancing simplicity. ​
  • Output externally adjustable for precision in lubricant dispensing. ​
  • Visual indicator pin for easy inspection of metering device operation. ​
  • Easy removal of individual metering devices for inspection or replacement. ​
  • Available in stainless steel SAE 316 for durability in diverse environments.


The pivotal solution provided to Volvo involved installing JSG High Chief Hydraulic Grease Pumps and Lincoln SL-1 injectors, revolutionizing their lubrication system. ​

Key Highlights: ​

  • Improved efficiency: Streamlined maintenance processes, minimizing downtime for the A40G fleet. ​
  • Enhanced reliability: The modular construction of JSG High Chief Pumps has proven to be more dependable, facilitating easier and cost-effective maintenance.

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