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The Tarvan Tolgoi coal mine, one of Mongolia’s largest open-cut mining operations, is pivotal to the region’s coal production. This necessitates the use of advanced and reliable heavy-duty equipment to ensure continuous and efficient operations.

Monnis International LLC plays a crucial role in supporting the mining activities at Tarvan Tolgoi by providing several top-of-the-line machines, including the Liebherr R9600 Excavator.

Known for its durability and efficiency, the Liebherr R9600 is a critical asset in the coal extraction process. Given the rigorous demands and potential hazards inherent in mining operations, ensuring the safety of equipment and personnel is paramount.


Installing fire suppression systems in large excavators like the Liebherr R9600 presents several challenges due to their size, complexity, and operational environment. Many critical components are located in tight or hard-to-reach spaces, and the system itself must function reliably across a wide range of temperatures – from very high temperatures caused by engine operation to potentially freezing in some working environments.

Furthermore, winters in Mongolia presents unique challenges due to extreme environmental conditions. These conditions can complicate outdoor work, affect the dexterity and endurance of workers, and lead to slower progress and potential safety risks.


Considering the importance of safety in mining operations, the mine prioritised the implementation of the Muster fire suppression system onto their excavators. Specifically designed for heavy machinery, the Muster Fire Suppression System is an integral solution provided by JSG Industrial to mitigate fire-related risks in challenging operational environments.

In collaboration with Monnis, who handled installation, service, and maintenance, JSG Industrial Pte Ltd supplied the Muster Foam Fire Suppression System. The system was installed on the Liebherr R9600 Excavator to safeguard critical areas such as the dual diesel engine bays, hydraulic pumps, and valve control blocks.  

This comprehensive system includes 66L cylinders, a Linear Heat Detection System, a Muster alarm panel, and a remote actuator. Crucially, it incorporates an Advanced Foam Agent that remains effective in extreme cold, operating reliably at temperatures as low as -40°C.


Enhanced Safety

The system provides rapid and effective fire control, reducing the likelihood of catastrophic incidents.

Minimised Damage and Downtime

By effectively suppressing fires with minimal water usage, the system reduces potential damage to the excavator and its components. This leads to lower repair costs and minimises operational downtime, which is crucial for maintaining productivity in industrial settings.

Regulatory Compliance

Installation of the systems ensures compliance with relevant safety standards AS5062:2016.

Operational Efficiency

The advanced diagnostic and monitoring capabilities of the system allow for proactive maintenance and immediate response to fire events. This ensures that vehicles remain operational and safe, improving overall fleet efficiency and reliability.

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