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Automatic Chain Lubrication Systems

Chain Lubrication Systems

Optimal lubrication minimises chain friction and wear

Maximise chain longevity and maintain seamless conveyor operations with efficient lubrication. Systems for automatic chain lubrication have many advantages over manual techniques. Regardless of the application, chain type, or lubricant requirements, our experts will provide a customised solution that ensures longevity, reduced wear, corrosion avoidance, noise reduction, and minimised chain failure.

Automatic Chain Lubrication System


Types of Chain Lubrication Systems

CLK System

CLK (Airless Oil Projection System)

Designed for conveyor roller chains that are big and move slowly. On the surface of the chain at a precise place, precisely measured amounts of oil are applied at predetermined intervals. There is no interaction with the chain.


Oil Chain Lubrication Mechanical Use

OCL-M (Oil Chain Lubrication - Mechanical)

Designed to fit agricultural equipment like combines and balers. By precisely dispensing lubricant to the moving chain, the OCL-M minimises the chance of downtime, providing farmers with the assurance that their machinery is performing at its best.


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Related Systems

We will work with you to identify the lubrication system that best meets your needs, regardless of your industry, machine type, or point in the lubrication process. Whether your performance KPIs are energy use, maintenance savings, or uptime, we can help you reach them.

Single Line Lubrication System

Contains a central pump station that automatically feeds lubricant to the lubricant metering device via a single supply line.

Dual Line Lubrication System

Uses two main lines for operation, each of which receives lubricant from a high-pressure pump in turn.

Multi line Automatic Lubrication System

Consists of fittings, tubing, control and monitoring devices, and a pump unit. Every lubrication spot has a special pumping component all its own.

Progressive Automatic Lubrication System

Built with a pump that is linked to a minimum of one major metering device, enabling constant lubrication.

Automatic Oil Circulation Lubrication System

Designed for almost all machine sizes, to both cool and lubricate highly stressed bearings.

Chain Lubrication System

Apply lubricant to the chain precisely and consistently at regular intervals while the chain is operating.

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